EdNilesLaw Legal Services


The law office of Edwin K. Niles is what some people term a "boutique law firm".

Put simply, Ed Niles focuses on only three areas of law: Wills, Trusts and Estates, representing persons who are injured through the negligence of others, and Immigration . Although the firm specializes in only these areas, Mr. Niles has contacts which he has established in his 40 plus years of practice in Los Angeles, and will be happy to refer you to lawyers if you have questions regarding other areas of law.

Although the firm includes a support staff of 12 devoted people, Ed Niles will always be responsible for personally handling your case, and your inquiries. Ed will always be available to you by telephone, or in person, to answer any of your questions. If Ed is unavailable at the time of your call, he will make every effort to return your call before the day ends. He recognizes that one of the primary complaints that people have about lawyers is that they are hard to reach, and he makes himself available as much as possible given the strictures of managing an active law practice.

Ed feels that he has much to offer his clients. His great experience is an asset which is available to his clients, and will serve to benefit those clients greatly. Ed's sterling reputation in the legal community means that his clients' positions will be accorded the respect they deserve.